Nothing says summer like open-air opera….and cheese.

The season may have come to a close, but we have one more exciting event coming up – our annual Italian Garden Party.

Opera Lyra has been hosting this event along with the Embassy of Italy for years, and it’s become a favourite among our subscribers and donors, as well as a notable summer event on the city’s social calendar. This year’s concert is on June 22, and as always it’s hosted at the residence of the Italian Ambassador. The sprawling lawn and gardens at this estate home make the perfect setting for an outdoor gathering, and the huge covered porch makes a perfect stage. (How many people can say a grand piano fits on their porch?). The embassy serves Italian wine and finger foods (Including the biggest wheels of parmesan I’ve ever seen in my life. Believe me, you want to check it out for the cheese alone!) and the evening includes time to mingle, as well as a formal seated concert of popular opera arias. This year we also have a fashion show as part of the event, so watch out for those models completely decked out and strutting their stuff!

The models aren’t the only ones decked out, however. The Opera Lyra Garden Party has become known for its parade of fancy hats – almost as good as the ones at the Royal Wedding. Many of our patrons bring out their biggest, wildest hats for the occasion, and combined with some of the dresses, it’s simply fabulous for any fashionista! Just don’t wear your stiletto heels though. As much as the Ambassador probably appreciates us aerating his lawn – trust me when I say walking can be difficult. The ladies on staff at OLO have learned that lesson the hard way!

So if you’re looking for something to do on the evening of June 22, give us a call and join in on the fun! It’s a great excuse to dress up, eat some gourmet food, and impress your date by gaining access to exclusive Embassy grounds. We promise an entertaining time!

-Laura, Manager of Development & Fundraising Events


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