Wait! Before you go on summer vacation!

Alright folks, this is it…before you take off for the cottage or start planning that roadtrip…last chance to renew your subscriptions for next season! We extended our renewal period to June 1st this year, but that’s coming up next week! (On a side note – who can believe it’s June already?!)

You can still buy subscriptions afterwards, of course, all the way up to our performance of Cav/Pag this September. But if you want to keep those awesome first-row seats in the Mezzanine that you inherited from your Great-Uncle Jim the opera fan, better give us a call!

Subscriptions are a tricky thing, though, and we’ll admit that. It’s hard to plan ahead for a show you’ll see in Spring 2012. But we understand that plans can change, and hot dates can come up at the last minute, so we’re pretty flexible with our exchange policy to ensure you get to see the shows you want! It’s worth it when you think about how much you save. And it also makes a huge difference to us when you purchase a subscription, because it allows us to plan budgets and estimate costs for shows way ahead of time. Not to mention we appreciate the dedication you show by signing up to see all our performances!

It’s a great lineup next year. Cav/Pag, Flying Dutchman, Tosca, and the Barber of Bytown – which promises to be a real hoot! You don’t want to miss ‘em.


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