Is it just me, or are singers these days getting younger and younger?

At the time of the children’s chorus auditions for OLO’s production of Turandot in September 2010, I recall being extremely excited by the amount of young talent here in Ottawa. Now, a year later, I once again find myself thrilled to hear even more young voices and to see so many enthusiastic choristers, all with a desire to be involved in the upcoming productions of Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci.

Of course, my happiness in seeing so much talent was mixed with anxiety, as I was faced with the challenge of choosing only seven choristers for this production. (You may recall our Turandot children’s cast was a larger, 16) Not only this, but these seven voices must represent a variety of ages and voice types to allow for optimal blend. Quite the challenge! After a full slate of auditions, seven have been chosen; a combination of old and new faces.

Our crew recently met for their first musical read-through. Though challenged by the music (not to mention the language!) these choristers were more than professional. Even in their first rehearsal, voices were strong and pencils were flying. Bring on the challenges – these kids will get the job done! What I look forward to most, is seeing the affect of their contagious energy on the production as a whole. The introduction of the children’s chorus into staging rehearsals is always interesting to watch, and one can’t help but notice their energy and pure excitement as it permeates the entire room.

These young singers will add an element to our shows which extends beyond the music. All involved will be influenced by their enthusiasm, myself included. I eagerly await the rehearsals ahead!

-Sara Brooks, Assistant Chorus Master


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