Experiencing Opera

As a new staff member of Opera Lyra, and someone who had never experienced an opera before, I have had a real treat in joining the staff team at Opera Lyra.…..

My first mainstage opera was Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci.  I was in awe of the music, costumes and the energy of the artists that was present on the stage for every performance.  Backstage was really interesting; just seeing how it is all put together and the incredible coordination that is required of the stage director.  Opera leaves you with a real respect for the incredible talent of the artists; especially the principals; as well as an appreciation of the sets and the musicians whose music helps to tell the story.

Today I saw the magical impression our studio artists gave to young children in performing the Barber of Bytown.  As I looked around the audience, the children’s faces were captivated by the action, music and voices on stage. The children were completely engaged.  There wasn’t a peep through the whole performance.  So nice to see in an age where technology is so much a part of a child’s life at such an early age.  Congratulations and thank you to those parents and grandparents who chose to bring your children and grandchildren.  You have no doubt exposed them to something much greater than what can be on a screen.

 Priceless was the expression on a little boy’s face who looked to be the tender age of 4 or 5, who responded to the question…”Are there any questions from the audience?”  This little boy came right up to Rosie and reached out to her with his hand to tell her how much he loved how she sang “that song”….it was enough to make your heart melt….

Everyone should have an opportunity to experience opera.  It’s a truly magical experience. This is the real value of what opera offers.  If you haven’t had the opportunity yet to try it, I would strongly encourage it.  I believe you will learn and value an appreciation of an art that quite frankly is at risk because many people have made other choices.

Do yourself and someone you love a favour.  Buy tickets to the next opera and experience it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Lee Ann Norris


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