The creative process needs to breathe

The creative process requires room to breathe. It seems an obvious point but too often other people anticipating the final product inadvertently place restraints around the creative process, demanding definitive descriptions and defined boundaries. Particularly for an emergent creative process starting from barely a kernel of an idea, the final result often goes through various unforeseen transitions and sometimes even significant transformations. Clearly, the results eventually need to be articulated in a way that can be understood by others, a challenge unto itself! However, prematurely building procedures and labels around the idea can limit the growth of the idea. Not every idea requires a lengthy definitive description written down in a document! There are times when an idea has just enough depth to find traction without being completely formed. The final destination may indeed turn out to be quite different from what was originally intended but that doesn’t mean one should avoid a journey lacking a definitive roadmap. Sometimes it is best to just start the journey and see where it takes you. Who knows, the final destination might turn out to be far better than the original idea. Procedures have their place, however, rushing to impose labels and to control the process can strangle attempts to find new destinations.


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