Fun with Manitoba Opera


Falstaff – “L’Orchestre symphonique de Winnipeg, sous la direction de Tyrone Paterson, a donné un accompagnement musical de très grande qualité”…Pierre Meunier, La Liberté – November, 2016

I recently conducted a great production of Verdi’s hilarious opera, Falstaff, with Manitoba Opera. One doesn’t necessarily associate hilarity with most of Verdi’s operas but it is truly appropriate in this case. It has been a few years since I last conducted this opera and it was truly a joy to have a chance to perform it again. The score is filled with brilliant lessons in orchestration which help bring the text to life. The action is nonstop, never allowing a moment for the musicians to let their minds wander. It is an amazing feat of continuous concentration for the conductor and musicians. The singers must perform with superb rhythm throughout the opera as the level of precision required between the singers and the orchestra is very high indeed. Add to the mix a very detailed staging in this particular production and we have an incredible high-energy, spellbinding performance. While it can be challenging to entice the audience to attend this opera, once they are in their seats they truly love the show as the standing ovations indicated.

falstaff1A great big thank you to the Manitoba Opera for this wonderful show and to the amazing Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra who once again reminded us of their incredible skill and commitment.


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